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For the longest time, I've wanted to start an online blog again, but I've never really found the time. Now that I'm in college, and so many interesting things are happening around me every day, I want a method to record the events in my life. I also want a space where I can express my thoughts freely, a space where I can work through things that might be bothering me. 

I've tried paper diaries. I've tried Livejournal, although I stopped using that a while ago. I normally start keeping a journal with a lot of excitement and dedication, but then my life gets busy and I stop updating. I don't want to happen this time. I'm not too confident about my attempt, but I will see how it goes.

I don't think I'll even really care if no one ever reads this. It's going to be rather random, to tell the truth. I might talk about fandoms. Christianity. College. Philosophy. Politics. Life in general. 

I will try to record as much of my life as possible. Anything that I think worthy of remembrance or thought.

My goal is to update once every day, at least, even if it's only a quick line or two about not being able to update. I know that, now that I'm in college, I am going to be changing and evolving. To a large extent, I already have been. This past year at college, my very first year, I've grown far more than I ever expected. My faith in Christ has risen, and I'm willing to dedicate my life to serving Him. Yet there are always doubts when it comes to faith, I've found. They come hand-in-hand. This will be a space for me to express those doubts, work through them on my own. It will also be a place of reflection and praise.

But it won't just be about Christianity, of course.

I'm part of fandom -- numerous fandoms, ranging from Harry Potter to The Vampire Diaries. I love watching TV and speculating on events, analyzing the thread of the show, exploring character development. It's one of my absolute favorite things to do, so there will be a lot of that in here. A sounding board, if you will.

Since I'm a journalism and political science major, there will also be a lot of stuff about writing. Writing and politics. I love the interconnectivity of my majors. They fit together so well. Political science and journalism just come easily to me, as easily as a fish moves through water. Every part of political theory fits together and informs the practice. It gives people a lens through which to see the world, and it helps me make sense of the events going on around me. Try to get me to do math, and I will fail. Try to get me to memorize biological processes, and it will go in one ear and out the other. But give me a political science course, and talk to me about Congress, or writing, or what have you, and I will eat that up with a spoon.

I have passionate interests, and I hope to express that passion here. Looking back ten, twenty, thirty years from now, I'll be glad that I did.


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